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As promised, here is the first installment of my Inglot eye shadow palettes. I discovered Inglot back in December 2010 while I was visiting my family for the holidays. It was love at first sight! I was blown away by the color selection, quality, texture and finishes of their eye shadows. I had never seen anything like the Freedom System and I thought it was sheer brilliance!

Inglot's Freedom System allows you to custom build your own face, eyes and lips palette. Offering a variety of color selects and endless amounts of fun :)

Inglot's Freedom System offers a variety of eye shadow finishes: AMC, Pearl, Matte, Shine and DS (double shine).

 From left to right: S06, P430, P403, S27, AMC60.

S06: A shimmery tarnish gold.

P430: A light frosty copper gold.

P403: A frosty yellow gold.

S27: A shimmery light gold.

AMC60: A matte canary yellow with tiny fleck of yellow that disappear once applied, a reoccurring trend with most AMC and some DS eye shadows, the flecks just disappear.

 From left to right: DS474, S45, S26, AMC61, DS483.

DS474: A semi-matte medium daffodil yellow with tiny flecks of yellow. 

S45: A shimmery pale pastel yellow with a gold sheen.

S26: Although S26 and S45 look similar swatched, S26 is a pale yellow gold and warmer in tone.

AMC61: A semi-matte soot black with tiny flecks of blue. Where are these flecks of blue?? their hiding :)

DS483: A matte deep navy blue with blue flecks. 

 From left to right: P428, M388, AMC67, DS482, AMC68.

P428: A black based frost deep marine blue.

M388: A matte deep periwinkle blue.

AMC67: A matte dark purplish navy with flecks of silver. The flecks disappear once applied on the lid. 

DS482: A semi-matte dark indigo blue with flecks of blue. Unlike AMC67, these flecks are more apparent on the lid.

AMC68: A matte deep cornflower blue with silver flecks that also disappear.

 From left to right: DS480, P426, P415, S13, S28.

DS480: A matte true blue with flecks of pink, blue and silver that also disappear on the lid.

P426: A frosty Azure blue. 

P415: A medium tone teal blue frost.

S13: A shimmery pale seafoam blue with silver flecks.

S28: A shimmery pale baby blue with a lavender sheen and tiny blue flecks.

Inglot eyeshadows are one of the most pigmented, smoothest and easy to blend Shadows that I've worked with! Also, their extensive color selection is a shadow utopia for anyone who loves eye shadow. The Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Squares are priced at $5.00 each and the Freedom System Palettes range from $6.00- 35.00.

Here's the link to one of five of my Inglot Freedom System Blush palettes:

Have you tried any Inglot products?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Great colours and all soo worth the money :) great system they have :) Great blog now following :)

    1. Even though they went up in price, they're still sooooo worth the money! Love the system as well. Thank you for joining :)

  2. wow what a beautiful palette, I've heard so much about inglot from some of the peope i'm subscribed to on youtube, but I've never had the chance to try out their products

    1. Thank you sweets, and you need to try these out! So worth the price and the color selection is incredible :D

  3. do you get to choose the colors or are they already set for you in the palette?

    1. Hi RB Mitchell!

      You get to pick your own colors!! It's such a fantastic system :)

  4. such fabulous colors! i have not tried, but would love to!


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