Hi guys,

This month's shower gel was going to be Flowering Herbs...BUT,  after using it, I can't see myself committing to it for a month. Today was my first time trying Flowering Herbs and I absolutely HATED it!! As I used it, the shower gel gave me an instant headache and made me feel nauseous. The scent is a vile, overpowering herbal, wilted-floral fragrance. I disliked this shower gel so much, that I was going to post a negative review on the Bath & Body Works website (something I've never done!). However, it's no longer on the website because it's been discontinued, and I understand why!! It's been a few hours since I took a shower and I still have a headache and feel nauseous. Going to lay down folks...be back in a moment.

What is your least favorite Bath & Body Works scent or any other scent for that matter?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. this sounds really awful! my last dislike scent has to be the Naruko rose cleansing oil... also a fail floral...

    never tried a BBW scent that I hate...

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    1. It is Jacq! This is the first BBW scent I've disliked

  2. Nice blog! I found you through blog hop! just followed :)

  3. Hey hun, great blog you got ! Loving it . Would love if you came by my blog sometime as well. I have a giveaway going on at the moment actually! romanianbutterfly206.blogspot.com

    1. Hey Ashley!! Did I just read giveaway!!! On my way now!!! :P

  4. this has been my favorite scent for over a decade! I found your blog trying to find other sources for it.... I *love* it!

    1. Hi Anonymous!! I'm glad you found me and that you love this blog. Hope you'll continue to visit :)

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