Hello lovelies!

Here's my second Inglot eye shadow palettes, hope you enjoy :)

Inglot's Freedom System allows you to custom build your own face, eyes and lips palette. Offering a variety of color selects and endless amounts of fun :)

Inglot's Freedom System offers a variety of eye shadow finishes: AMC, Pearl, Matte, Shine and DS (double shine).

From left to right: S48, DS495, AMC50, M361, S29.  

S48: A frosty candy pink with red undertones and micro silver flecks.

DS495: A matte strawberry red with flecks of gold.

AMC50: Similar to DS495, except AMC50 leans more red.

M361: A matte peach.

M366: A matte Orange-coral.

From left to right: S29, M362, M382, P449, DS493. 

S29: A pearlized pale icy pink with a cotton candy pink sheen and silver flecks.

M362: A matte bubblegum pink.

M382: A matte blue toned medium red.

P449: A pearlized red based rose.

DS493: A matte lilac purple with silver, pink and baby blue flecks.

From left to right: S39, S39, M392, S40, P441.

S39: A pearly violet-purple with silver flecks.

S39: No, this is not a typo. Apparently, the plastic case that housed the eye shadow single was numbered incorrectly and I was given the same color. Regrettably, this was not an isolated incident, the number on the label of six other eye shadow pans did not match the number of their plastic container. So, learn from my mistake and whether your ordering online or shopping in-store, remember to check the number on the bottom of the eye shadow pan!

M392: A matte deep violet-red-magenta.

S40: A darkened plum-purple with a pink sheen and silver flecks.

P441: A pearly blue based violet purple.

From left to right: DS464, AMC55, M379, M379, P428.

DS464: A matte terracotta with gold flecks.

AMC55: A matte brick with red flecks.

M379: A matte periwinkle blue.

M379: mislabeled eyeshadow #2.

P428: A pearly black based sapphire blue.

These eye shadows also work well on the cheeks and lips.

My favorite shadows from this palette are:

S48, DS495, AMC50, M361, S29, M362, M382, P449, DS493, S39, M392, S40, P441, DS464, AMC55, P428.

The Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Squares are priced at $5.00 each and the Freedom System Palettes range from $6.00- 35.00.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. I picked up 2 of Inglot's shadows a few days ago, I'm really happy with them but the palette is so pricey! Love the shades you got. :)

    1. Really? How much did they cost?? I have several inglot posts coming up, so stay tuned :)

  2. It is a beautiful palette.. loved it..:) colors are sooo pigmented and both matt and metallic <3

    1. These shadows are extremely pigmented and apply effortlessly :)

  3. i cannot step into the Inglot store or i'll buy it all. those blue shades look divine. btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! May 23rd is the last day to enter, so I hope you enter :)

    1. You're telling me! We don't have Inglot in Japan and I still find it hard not buying everything...curse online shopping!!

  4. Wow, amazing swatches!! :D

    (P.S. I found you on the blog hop!! ^-^)

  5. amazing, i absolutely adore that violet and purple one!! im in love!


    1. me too, I also love using the pink, red, and coral shadows as blushes as well :)

  6. wow just found ur blog thru google search awesome gal....following u now..

    take care to visit my blog also


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