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On August 1st, Kate released the Super Sharp Liner S in RD-1, as part of it's Fall 2012 Makeup Collection. The Super Sharp Liner S also comes in BK-01 (black) and NV-1 (it's described as a navy, but I find it more of a deep cerulean).

 The Super Sharp Liner S retails for ¥ 1,050 ($13.37). 

The thin tip allows for easy and precise application, without ever losing it's fine tip. 

Rd-1 is a beautifully pigmented deep Bordeaux.

playing at drawing! 

I am really loving this liquid liner, and I see myself getting a lost of use out of it this Fall!! 

What liquid liner are you loving at the moment?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. The bordeaux liner is STUNNING. I want to see a look with it!

  2. The bordeaux liner is STUNNING. I want to see a look with it!

  3. wow, this is an original colour without going too goth or alternative, just a hint of red to get it interesting

  4. is it similar to mac's dark diversion ?

    1. Their slightly similar, except Dark Diversion is more plum based and Rd-1 is more red based.

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