It's been one heck of a past 18 days! My friend Juri had been staying with me since the beginning of August, left yesterday, and I woke up this morning sick as a dog!! How the hell did that happen!? I didn't want to go three days without, instead of something beauty related, here's a post on something cute related :D

I think these cats are soooo cute! Loved that they have a taiyaki tied to their backs, it's silly, but it works :) 

This past Wednesday, Juri, Aki and I went to this amazing Indian restaurant, saw the Avengers (can Captain America get any hotter folks!), and afterwards, won this cute little cat prizes at the gaming center next to the movie theater. The black cat is Aki's, Mine is the one in the middle, and the grey one is Juri's. We made quite the spectacle of ourselves, as we each won our cats. We were screaming and high-fiving each other, as if we had won some kind of championship or cash prize...a fun time had by all :D

How was your week/weekend?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time. 


  1. I think winning anything is worth a high five! hehe

  2. Those are ADORABLE. And I've never won a thing at one of those centres so you deserved those cheers!

    I hope you feel better soon! Sending much e-ginger and love <3

    1. Aren't they!! I've won one or two things in the past, but nothing as cute as this :)

      Thank you for the get well wishes, already feeling better with all the e-ginger and love :DDD