I was going through the photos from my recent trip, and I found the pictures I took of the Holiday window displays at Shinjuku-sanchome Station under the Isetan in Shinjuku.

I love the fantastical theme of  these displays. 

 Store your tea in one of these luxurious canisters. 

These Sergio Rossi Heels can be yours for only ¥153,300 ($1809.57).

 Fushigi yugi anyone? 

 This is probably my favorite of all the window displays.

Now that the Holidays are gone, I'll miss all the wondrous decorations and displays. 

What will you miss from the Holiday season?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. What an incredible and cool display ^_^

  2. omgosh I know what you mean! I miss looking at the heartwarming Christmas window displays at Macy's Herald Square! I think next year I will take pictures and post up too! ^^

    1. Please post photos next year Ari, I'd love to see them :)