Special delivery! A swap (kind of), a Christmas gift, and a random gift :)

The other day, I hung out with my friend, Chiaki, and she surprised me with these lashes..yay for lashes!

A surprise package from Ari, filled with loads of Christmas goodies.

Ari, words cannot convey how much I value you, and our friendship. You're a sincere, generous, beautiful person, who dances to the beat of her own drum; and I LOVE that about you! Thank you for you, woman (by the way, our two year anniversary is coming up :P), and I love you <3333

Justine, I'm so glad you found me on So Lonely in Gorgeous. From that initial contact, we've continued to speak to one another almost everyday, swapped a few items, and yours is another friendship I cherish :)

As soon as I saw the discount prices of  the Tarina Tarantino beauty line, I knew the brand would be making it's exit from Sephora. So, I asked Justine to pick up a few of the Eye Dream Hyperliners. I also pleaded for a few other beauty goodies that I don't have access to in the JP :) Thank you for keeping me beautiful darling <333

What have you recently received in the mail?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. my box looks so boring and ugly xD

    I hope you like everything! I had a bunch of perfume vials but the postal lady said I couldn't send it if it had perfume in the package.... x(

    I think they fear it might mask the scent of the bomb I might be mailing....

    Well anyways... lol... I hope you like the blushes! When I first saw them I knew that they belonged to you!!! haha

    1. Unfair! Ari is spoiling you with the Tarte blushes! ><

      I love and hate Ari for being so generous, to you!

      ((my post office said we can't send flammable products by air, that's their reason for non-perfume... but your bomb-scent version is funny too!))

    2. It's not the Appearance of the box that matters (^^)

      maybe scented bombs while become the next trend???

      I love the blushes Ari!

      Love you woman <333

    3. Hehehe...sorry Jacq, guess Ari loves me best :P Just Kidding!