Here's the sixth installment of my Inglot Freedom System 20 eyeshadow palettes. 

 From left to right: P440, AMC74, DS487, P452, AMC75. 

 From left to right: AMC72, AMC66, S14, AMC71, S22.

 From left to right: AMC73, DS491, DS494, P447, S36. 

From left to right: S18, S23, S47, DS498, AMC65.

Do you own any of the eye shadows in this palette?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Such gorgeous colours! Btw, how do you produce these intense swatches? With your fingers or a brush?

    1. Hi Blair!

      I use these 100 yen sponge tip applicators for my swatches. Also, I don't use any primers, unless stated otherwise. Hope this helped :)

  2. I wish Inglot was available where I live. I'd love to watch them in real life! The colors your picked are really nice! I especially love the greys!

    1. I understand your pain, Inglot isn't available in Japan either :( I purchased these palettes sometime ago.

  3. Yesterday i bought an inglot palette too.. But i got the 3 shadows one.. And i loooove them..nthey r so pigmented and they blend beautifully

  4. ooh I love this palette xx its fab xx
    Just popped over to remind you Im having a giveaway xx
    its open to all xx - you could win an NARS edie giftset xx Ive left the link in case you want to check it out xx

  5. I really like the purple shades. I think they match my eyes best.

    1. Purples are definitely one of my favorite eyeshadow colors.

  6. I will set a reminder to myself: Go to Inglot!!I have check those Spanish makeup brands for you, one is high end, they have a quite good highlighter (similar to Kevin Aucoin one) and a budget one that has similar to Nars packing. Both webs are in spanish but you can check the pics and there is always google translator ;)

    1. Hi Lunaday :)

      You NEED to go to Inglot! And when you do, please report back to me on your experience.

      Thank you for the links, I'll check them out, and maybe have a list ready for you :P I speak and read spanish, so it's not a problem.

    2. You are a girl of multiple talents!!

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