For some odd reason, I feel as if I should apologize for the lack of beauty content, but I've been feeling blah due to massive migraines (not fun).

Classic Camel is a neutral, yellow-based, pastel-ish camel with micro gold glitter. I love this beautiful shade, but the formula is a little problematic. The formula is thin, applies, and looks, gritty, and needs 3 coats. Also, Classic Camel dries to a dull finish, and the 3 coats makes the polish look thick on the nails...yokunai!

Any camel polish recommendations?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


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    1. A gorgeous shade for Autumn, but it can't be worn without a top coat!

  2. This one of the colours that I see swatches and think I won't like it but then there's something to it!