After running out of my favorite lip moisturizers, instead of repurchasing my beloved staples, I'm going to take a shot at being cost-conscious. I'm going to "shop" my lipstick drawers to use up the lip balms I already own.

First up in my lip balm stash is: MAC's Tendertones.

 From left to right: Softnote, Tread Gently, Purring. 

From left to right: Hush, Hush, Hot 'N' Saucy, Deep Sigh.

What Tendertones do you have?


  1. How are they as products? I have never heard of these ever. :0 I don't know if the MAC stores here carry them at all, but they look super gorgeous!

    Also, I've always wondered, but do you use a sponge for your swatches? Yours are always my favorite. :)

    1. The Tendertones are a hydrating tinted lip balm. Regrettably, they're no longer available through MAC, but you can find them online.

      Happy you like my swatches <3

      I use a sponge tip applicator for powder products, and a brush for creams and lip products.

      Do you have a blog?

    2. Wow, thank you for responding. :)

      Yes, I do have a beauty-centric blog that just turned 1 year old recently: My main blog is just Nothing Spaces, and I've had it since 2009, I think.

    3. Happy Unbirthday Carina! On my way to visit you now :D

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