Aki's always researching the lastest gadgets and gizmos online. When he showed me this clip, I thought it was a joke...but it's not.

Aki told me he was going to buy me one for the Holidays, which I then quickly responded with "If I find this underneath the bonsai tree, I'll beat you with it!"

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Hahaha, they must be joking right?!!
    I'd rather stay awake 24/7 than have to wear that monstrous looking alien head.

    1. The joke is on us Buggsie Bee! Not only is this a real product, but it costs $99.00. The only way I'd want this garish thing is if it were stuffed with makeup :P

  2. Looks like the helmet from a monster in Bioshock Infinite. Ummm no. :P

  3. LOL lol, goodness, this one cost $99? I wonder what sorts of person would buy this..