Whether I'm purchasing a blue nail lacquer, or grabbing one from my stash, I always hear my sister's voice echoing in my head saying "blue nail polish looks trashy"...LOL, I love my sister. I, personally, think blue is a blue color to wear on the nails.

Midnight Mission is a midnight-navy blue loaded with silver micro-glitter. I don't know why, but there is something about Midnight Mission that's reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh's (one of my favorite artists, and wouldn't a cosmetic or polish collection based on his work be AMAZING?!) The Starry Night. 

Although, it's a comely dark blue that is pigmented and wears well, I do have two issues with Midnight Mission that keeps me from wearing it more often. First, it dries down to a dull finish, and no matter which top coat I use, the lacquer goes back to looking dull by the third day. Secondly, while, to the touch, Midnight Mission has a smooth surface, at a glance, the micro-shimmers can give the lacquer the appearance of being gritty. 

Now, with those two hiccups out in the open, Midnight Mission is a beautiful polish that requires a lot of extra top coat TLC.

What are you thoughts on blue polish, trashy or fun?