Hey Guys! For the last five days, I've been hosting my friends Rob and Lulu from Australia. Sadly, they left back home today.

vcfdf I've written about BBW's Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel before (read here), but I wanted to show you the newest change in packaging.

Bath & Body Works truly did a stellar job in bottling the fragrance of Japanese Sakura. During the end March/ early April, as all the Sakura trees are in full bloom, the Cherry Blossom Shower Gel is always an "April must" for me.

Additional bonus Spring yukata fun/cherry blossom pictures:

Aki and I at my special place. 

 Taken five days ago when I was working near Meguro River. 

 Still in Meguro. 

Taken before the weather reverted back to it's overcast (can't swatch a thing!), cold, rainy self.