There's no need for a siesta with the, highly intoxicating, Sangria-colored packaging and enlivening eye shadow duos, lip glosses, and nail polishes from the Paul & Joe Summer 2015 Midnight Sangria really stuck a bandurria chord with me.

Paul & Joe always do an outstanding job with their packaging, and I'm really loving the Spanish tile inspired print of the exterior packaging.

As awkward as it is to hold, and photography, I really love the sculpted chrysanthemum detail and the retro shape of the nail polish bottles.

  I always appreciate the little details. 

Dragon Fruit 008 is a punchy, dragon fruit-pink; a fun shade for Summer. The formula of Dragon Fruit is to die for! After two coats, the jelly-creme formula gives your nails a flawless, undiluted pigmentation with a high-gloss shine. I started to experience tip wear on the fifth day...very good, indeed! For those sensitive to scents, when dry, Paul & Joe polishes do have a soft scent that I want to say/write is floral. But, I can't exactly pinpoint the fragrance, so we'll stick with the floral scent description. I never understood the point of scented polishes. I mean, just visualize the awkwardness of you, with your fingers pressed up against your nostrils, sniffing at your nails as someone passes, thank you.

Anyway, enough of my babble, Dragon Pink is a lively, tropical, summer pink and I love it!

Btw, I checked online, and the entire collection is available on and

What pink polishes are you enjoying this Summer?


  1. Hello, Lizzy! Loved the description of the nail smelling lunatic :P The colour looks beautiful and it sounds like a good formula, though how you manage to get any polish to stay on with no chipping beyond the 3 day mark is...well, beyond me! As is the way you manage to paint your nails PERFECTLY near the cuticle...Your line is flawless, not protruding or receding at all...How u do that woman?

    1. I first started to wear nail polish when I was in fifth grade, and used to be horrible at applying it. I've learned to take my time, and not to overload or have too little polish on the brush. Also, If I make a mistake, I move the lacquer and start over, or I use one of those really tiny, pointed q-tips to clean around the cuticle.

    2. soaked in nail polish remove to clean up the edges.

    3. Oh God! And I thought my way of doing it was a hassle :P
      I do believe the time has come for me to start investing in those pointed q-tips...Yes, just what I needed another beauty-related expense on the list... *criesforeverandever*

    4. Oh, I also use nail polish corrector pens like this: