It's grey and rainy this valentine's. Therefore, in keeping with the ambiance (and the holiday), this year's V-day mani is Marc Jacobs' Midnight in Paris.

I love the sleek design and heft of the bottle.

Midnight in Paris was my first Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish, and I was very impressed at how incredibly pigmented, and smooth, the formula was; the application was a breeze.

184 Midnight in Paris is a rich, blackened-indigo cream polish, with a superior shine. Extremely dark, it almost looks black, yet there's a gorgeous depth to the indigo that it gives an edgy-sophistication to the nails.

Not only is the formula, the shade, and the finish great, but the performance is also top notch. I usually get a full seven days of flawless wear from Midnight in Paris.

Although a limited edition shade from a year and some-odd months ago, Midnight in Paris is still available on


  1. What's happening???I've come back to a ton of posts!!!O.O Not that I'm complaining! :P
    The polish looks gorgeous, though how anyone gets a full week's wear out of a dark polish is beyond me...Even if the formula lasts fairly well, I get so obsessive if I can see even the tiniest chip, so I always end up redoing all 10 fingers regardless of the extent of the damage :P

    1. As brutal as I am on my hands, I'm surprised with the long wear time as well. Sign of s pure winner ;)

      I'm the same, drives me crazy if I get s chip while I'm out and about.