I purchased the Miche Bloomin' Olive Brown 1-Day Colored Contacts last May (May 12th to be exact), and totally forgot about them; thankfully, they're good until 10/2019.

This is my first time trying these contacts, and I'm not a fan...at all. Actually, I'd like to take my dislike for them even further and say, I think I hate them.

Without contacts. 

Miche Bloomin' Olive Brown Colored Contact Lenses. 

First, the contacts were flaccid and wouldn't hold their shape; thus, making them a pain in the arse to put in. I even checked the expiration date to make sure they were still good. The pattern on the contacts is unattractive, unflattering, and no where near the vicinity of looking "natural." Also, the center of the contacts are so large that they give my eyes that dilated "fish-eye" look I dread. To add insult to injury, they blurred my vision and don't even fit well. As I wore them, I could feel them shifting all over the place. The whole day I had a complex of my eyes looking like some deranged, google-eyed craft project from hell. But, I keep them in, so I could give you a through piece of my mind.

I didn't think these Miche Bloomin' Colored Contacts wouldn't work for me, and ordered 30 pieces. Now, I don't know what to do with the remaining 28...stocking stuffers maybe?!

Miche Bloomin' 1-Day Colored Contacts have a diameter of 14.0 mm, base curve of 8.60 mm, and a moisture content of 38%. Available in 16 pieces (1,760 yen) and 30 pieces (4,190) and can be purchased with or without a prescription (but, I don't recommend them!).


  1. These contacts sound horrible! I would contact the company and complain and ask if you could return the remainder. I would not keep them without putting up a fuss about how they shifted all day and blurred your vision. Let them know and I bet they will give you a refund. Lots of luck and thank you for such a thorough review.

    1. They are M Cables! It's been a year since I purchased them. Therefore, I think I lost all rights to gripe to the company. But, that's okay, I'll just use the remainder whenever I post looks I've worn' waste not, want not right?!

      What are some of your favorite colored contacts?