Hello ladies and jellyspoons! Today, I bring to you Revlon's nail enamel in 520 Muse. I got this "atypical" darling, several years ago, while vacationing in Santa Monica.

Curses, I should have filed my ring and pinky nails down more to match the newly broken nails of my index and middle finger. 

I'd describe 520 Muse as an avocado dip that hasn't been unfridgerated for three hours. Not the most appealing color description, but I think Muse is a beautiful shade. I'm always attracted to these kinds of drab, muted, dirty, murky shades of polishes.

Revlon polishes are my favorite among the drugstore beauty brands. Muse's formula, application, pigmentation, and wear time (about 5 to 6 days, depending on how savage I'm with my hands) all score perfect tens!

Some may find shades like muse downright ugly, but I believe a duck can also be as beautiful as a swan.


  1. I find 520 Muse beautiful and sophisticated.

    1. It's so pretty on the nails, and not your average shade. How have you been Amalia?

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