Saturday, August 13, 2016

Blush, Blush Baby Giveaway

Happy Saturday evening lovelies!

I just finished watching Warcraft, and I loved it! The film made me feel nostalgic for my World of Warcraft days. I need to ask someone in my family to mail all my role-playing books.

Anyway, the "blush, blush baby" giveaway finally came to an end on the 9th. I was going to announce the winner on the 16th, but I've moved it to the 23rd. Some of my Aussie friends are arriving tomorrow, and they'll be here for a week...and, we know how hosting friends goes. I'm sorry to make you wait a little longer, and I thank you for your patience. I'll make sure to add some extra treats to your boxes :)


  1. have a great time with your friends!

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