The pale blush-pink colored case is adorable.

Today, as I was rearranging my highlighters, I thought to myself, "woman, you have some nerve purchasing highlighters when you've neglected so many of these powders." What better way to reacquaint myself with my highlighters than to do a series showcasing them?!

First up, two of my newest children (fraternal twins), the Sparkling Veil Powders in Sparkling Pink 001 and Sparkling Beige 002.

The Sparkling Veil powders are finely milled, and have a delicate, silky-airy texture. When you apply the product, it seems to disappear on the skin. You can't tell where the highlight begins and ends, which is a good thing. All you see is a pretty, understated, sheer, natural luminescence.

From left to right: Sparkling Pink 001, Sparkling beige 002. 

Sparkling Pink 001: a pale pink with large, sparse silver glitter.

Sparkling Beige 002: a pale champagne-beige.

When I swatched Sparkling pink, I noticed there was large, sparse, silver glitter (I assume this is where the "sparkling" in the product's name comes from). Thankfully, the glitter disappears when the product is buffed in. The shimmer in Sparkling Beige is gold, and microscopic. Also, Sparkling Beige is a tad more luminescence than Sparkling Pink, as Sparkling Pink's powder has a dryer texture.

I love how low-key these highlighters are; perfect for those days when you're going for a more "natural," soft-focused sheen.

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