Here is one of two of my favorite sunscreens: Givenchy's Doctor White 10 UniVersal Shield SPF50-PA++++.

In Givenchy's own words/writing:

 "Created to fight the daily factors behind pigmentation spots, this shielding fluid takes your skin    protection to the next level. It not only improve's the skin's radiance and clarity, but also ensures that  UV- and environmental-caused pigmentation is prevented with continued use."

 "The brightening power of this ultra fine fluid comes from the White Integral Sequencer®(WIS®)  complex, paired with 5D-Technology to protect the skin's brightness and clarity both instantly and  over time."

A light, non-greasy formula that quickly absorbs into the skin, the sunscreen's liquid has a lavender-pink tint that acts as a color correcting primer. The Doctor White 10 UniVersal Shield SPF50-PA++++ protects and brightens the complexion, leaving a beautiful transparent luminescence without affecting my foundation or creating a white cast. 


  1. Sunscreen and I have a love hate relationship...I realise how important it is, but my skin gets so greasy it's ridiculous...Even the formulas targeted for oily skin, at least the ones available in Europe, just never work...I really have to complete an order to get me some Asian brand formulas...They're literally my final hope >.<

    Is this only available in Asia? I have never come across the PA ranking system in western products O.O

    1. If there's an Asian brand you want to try, just let me know.

      I don't think this sunscreen is an Asian exclusive. If you can't find it at your local Givenchy counter, does ship internationally.

    2. Aaaawwww...That's so sweet *-* My local counter sounds like a good idea when I'm back in Athens. However, the chances I leave it with sunscreen seem alarmingly slim...Mascara or blush are much more likely contenders! :P

    3. I feel you Anna. I much rather prefer to send my yen on other beauty products than sunscreen; but alas, we must keep or canvas in pristine condition :P