Recently, It's been one typhoon after another, with little bursts of sunshine, and then followed by waves of massive clouds; this sporadic weather has put my swatching activities on temporary stand-down.

O.P. I's Taupe-less Beach is a neutral/slightly cool, muted, taupe-grey with a hint of lilac-mauve, qith a creme finish. The lilac-mauve undertone gives the polish its uniqueness, and makes the shade work in Summer as well as all the other seasons.

Upon first application, I remembered how sublime the formula is. Creamy, opaque, and flawless, you can stop at one coat, but I'm gluttonous, and applied two.

Taupe-less Beach is a lovely polish that gives your manicure an edgy sophistication. A very pretty polish indeed. 


  1. Very chic and sophisticated, good choice.

  2. Gorgeous colour *-*
    Do you own Essie's Chinchilly? I'm almost certain you do :P If so, how do they compare colour and performance wise? I'm thinking of adding a grey-ish/purple-ish polish to my collection...or you know...ten :P

  3. Actually...I don't own Chinchilly (*hangs head in shame). Come to think of it, I don't own that many Essie polishes. Whenever I'm back in the states, I'll have to remedy that :)

    Ten greyish-purple polishes sounds about a fair number :)