If I'm not in converse, summer is all about exposing my feet in sandals, or flip flops, and in search of any form of ventilation I can find. With all the walking I do in Tokyo, my feet really go through the ringer. Sabon's Loofah Soap is a must-have for me to maintain my pedicure, and keep my talons respectable between my bi-weekly appointments.

I think this natural loofah (sea sponge) embedded in a glycerine-based soap looks really neat, doesn't it?! It looks kind of like a preserved fossil. The soap can be used on any rough patch on your body; I mainly use it to exfoliate my feet. Towards the end of my shower, I scrub all over my feet, focusing along the top of my toes, the ball of my feet and heels. Afterwards, the dead skin on my feet are gone, leaving them smooth, soft and open-toe shoe ready!

That said, if your heels are in need of some heavy-duty, major scrubbing, you're going to have to use one of those pumice stone/sandpaper sandblast buffing tools first; this loofah soap is more of a polishing upkeep and preventative of future cracks, peeling or calluses spots. 

In Japan, Sabon's Loofah Soap retails for 1,000 yen, and are available in three sublime fragrances: Amber, Lemon, and Lavender. All three scents linger on the skin, and I enjoy all of them...but, since it's summer, I'm all about the Lemon.

Also, until August 3rd (today) 11:59PM EST sabonnyc.com is having an up to 30% off sale event! 

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