Autumn was off to a painfully slow start, but it's finally beginning to cool down. And, of all the new seasonal polishes I purchased, the first one I reach for is the least autumnal of the bunch. Although this shade is NOT one I would wear during the season, it so works with this collection. Also, it's a collaboration with Sonia Rykiel; therefore, I'm definitely buying what Lancome is selling...literally!

I adore the packaging of this collection; it's quintessential Sonia Rykiel.

Sonia Rykiel x Lancome's Vernis in Love in Cafe Blanc is a stark, liquid paper white with a shiny, creme finish. Question: when you were younger, did you ever paint your nails with liquid paper? I sure as heck didn't! Just the idea of that texture on my nails gives me the heebie jeebies.

I'm really digging today's chiclet mani. 

The first coat was almost opaque, with some minor bald spots. However, those little flaws are all gone after the second coat. This is my first time wearing Cafe Blanc, and it's been third days without any incidents.


  1. Wite Out? Of COURSE I did! Also it's other childhood activity, Elmers Glue on skin and then peeled off.
    I love white (and near white) polishes, but I find them generally so streaky that it is hard to apply so cleanly. This Lancome one looks flawless!

    1. I hated using Wite Out. It's matte texture would make me cringe. But, I did do the Elmers Glue thing :P

      Cafe Blanc has very minimal streaking, and the creamy formula is AHMAZING gurl!

      I need to go through all my white polishes, but this is probably the best white that I've tired.