Again, another damaged box spoiling all hopes of nice exterior packaging photographs.

Adore's Bi-tone colored contacts are my favorite! They really feel like nothing on the eyes, and they give the most "natural" look. Normally, I rotate between the shades hazel and honey, but this time, I decided to try the yellow shade. If you would like to read my post on Honey, please go here.

The yellow Bi-tone contacts turn my cow brown eyes a hazelish-green (but more on the green spectrum). I think the color looks pretty, but it's not a shade I'm used to; nothing a few couple of wears can't fix. Anyway, I asked my assistant for his opinion (a.k.a., Aki) for his opinion, and he said they look natural and realistic.

Au naturel.

Adore Bi-tone Yellow.

The Adore Bi-tone's are 3-month contact lens, and  retail for $35.95. I used to by them from, who have changed to

Have you every tried Adore colored contact lens? 

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