In addition to using this polish on my nails, Saint Germain is so stunning, I want to paint my walls, furniture, my hair, my lids, and just about everything, with this beauteous shade.

Saint Germain A44 is a rich, dark teal blue, with a high shine creme finish. Sublime in consistency and application, the formula is faultless after two coats. Also, with an average of five days of wear, the wear-time doesn't disappoint.

 Although part of the limited edition Sonia Rykiel Collection (on I've seen this polish called Rive Gauche, but my box reads Saint Germain), Saint Germain is still available online. 


  1. Wow... Fantastic. I like the dark teal blue.This is kind of reading that really moves you. It's vibrant and so dynamic. It will be precious to each one who uses it, as well as myself. Thanks a lot!
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  2. I have a Lancome vernis in love that's very similar to that colour, but it's slighty darker and more of a navyish teal. It's called 573B Bleu de flore and I got it from a bin with a bunch of limited edition colours that were last season. Do you know if all the Lancome polishes have the same formular? Because it's the best polish I own! It's so smooth and easy to apply, just a shame it's so small.

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