The fantastical promotional imagery, in-store displays, and product packing from Sabon's Exploring Wonderland 2016 Christmas Collection had the Alice in Wonderland lover in me wondrously captivated.

The delicately, rich brew of Bergamot, Mandarin, Musk, and notes of Rose and Violet gives the Exploring Wonderland Collection a dark, seductive scent that is spellbinding. The fragrance lingers on the skin (at stays on my towels) for a long time, and couples marvelously with my winter perfume (post coming soon).

The thick, heavy, sleek, opaque obsidian black glass bottle, along with the patterned print label, of the shower oil is absolutely gorgeous.

cvcvc The shower oil is available in two sizes, 330ml and 650ml. When I saw how massive the 650ml bottle was, I thought to myself, "I'm gonna need a bigger bath, " and went with the 330ml.

After using Wonderland for over two weeks now, I want the 650ml.

Continuing with the stunning packaging, the Wonderland Body Scrub comes in a comely, red frosted glass jar. Again, I love the patterned design of the label.

I'm infatuated with the entire Exploring Wonderland collection. The packaging and scent have an enchanting appeal, making an exquisite coupling perfect for winter. 

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