Monday, July 31, 2017

Develop A Passion For...Sara Happ

In dire need of a lip scrub (I haven't had the time to pick one up, and I've been wearing lots of liquid lipsticks, and now my lower lip is paying for it), I popped into Cosme Kitchen to purchase Sara Happs' Peppermint lip scrub.

Sadly, they were out and, although I'm not a fan of the fruit, I got Passion Fruit because it was the most Summery scent/flavor among the lot.

After using Passion Fruit, I actually like its fruity tropical scent/flavor, It helps make the season a little more bearable (for an entire 10 seconds anyway).  

Friday, July 28, 2017

Make Yourself Comfy...Celvoke Comfy Brush

Making it's national debut on March 16th, Celvoke is the new kid on the high-end beauty block. The brand's philosophy seeks to embody a confident sophisticated style, while incorporating formulated beauty components with naturally derived ingredients.

I bought several Celvoke items and have worn them sporadically for almost five months, and today, I'm going to start with the blushes...of course. But, before we sink our teeth into the meat, let's start with the wrapping.

It's only paper, but I really like the 4-tone (white, black, dark and medium gray) color blocking of the exterior packaging.

A semi-translucence, frosted black plastic compact that has a push open button that snaps shut.

Lightweight and sturdy, the plastic doesn't feel flimsy or cheap. Also, a good-sized mirror is included, as well as a brush.

01 Pink

The Comfy Brush (not a typo, but for the sake of my OCD, for the remainder of this post, we'll substitute "brush" for "blush") is available in three shades: 01 Pink, 02 Orange, and 03 Brown. Divided into two sections, the larger pan is the blush and the other, the highlight.

01 Pink: a yellow-based medium pink with a kiss of coral, and a pale baby pink.

02 Orange

Here's a beauty edition of "things you may not know about Japan." In Japan, they don't call blush, blush, they call it cheek. If you say blush, they just look at you in bewilderment, as if you're speaking...Japanese?

02 Orange: a medium cantaloupe and a light, nudy-apricot.

03 Brown

I wish Celvoke would ditch the brush and all the wasted space it takes up, and make the pans larger, making them friendlier for brushes of the larger spectrum. Still, I am pleased the blush pan is larger than the highlighter (ahem. Suqqu).

03 Brown: a orange-toned, nude brown and a nude with a hint of peach.

First thing to note, there is some kick-up when you swirl your brush in the product. Both, the blushers and highlights, have a slightly dry, velvety texture with micro-shimmers, and the same satin finish.

I was a little worried when I first swatched the Comfy Blushes because they looked powdery. However, on the cheeks the blushes show no sign of chalkiness and have this pretty flushed, skin-like sheen. The highlighters, on the other hand, didn't perform as well. Of the three, 02 had a passable sheen. Whereas, the other two blended out into nothing, leaving only micro-shimmers in their wake. Not letting a product go to waste, I solely use the highlighter along the bridge of my nose. Notably, this contains the appearance/migration of the micro-shimmer and, impart a nice, understated sheen.
Are the Comfy Blushes earth shattering? No. Are the shades original? No. And, although the highlighters were underwhelming, the blushes are nicely pigmented. And, what I love most of all about the blushes is the fresh, lively hue they give my complexion.

The comfy blush retails for 3,780 yen, and can be purchased at, Isetan Online, and Cosme Kitchen. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Noblest Thing...Dear Rus Noblesse 336 Nobless

Isn't this bottle wavy bottle cute?

Deep from the recesses of my nail polish collection, comes Dear Rus Noblesse 336 Nobless.

This polish was a given to me by my friend, Hazuki, some five years ago and, shamefully, this is my first time wearing it...ingrate, I know.

I know nothing about this brand, but I remember Hazuki having returned from her millionth trip to Korea when she gifted it to me. So, I'll assume that's were this polish came from.

336 Nobless is a gorgeous, deep aqua green, with a shiny, creme finish. The formula's consistency is just right, and "problem-free;" one coat gives the nails a gel-like finish, and full opacity is achieved with two.

The brush has the right about of resistance and flexibility, and fans out perfect on the nail.

One downside to the product: the packaging. When I twist the cap to open or close it, it makes this "chalk board" squeaking sound that makes me cringe. I have to press the cap down, and slowly open it to avoid making the sound (always a fail).

I've been wearing 336 Nobless for five days, and it's still shiny, and wear-damage free...paint me impressed! If I could, I would drop kick myself for not wearing 336 Nobless sooner; it's a pretty color, and nice formula. I wish I could get my hands on more of them.

If you know about this brand, please leave a comment <3 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Excuse Me While I freshen Up...Shu Uemura Sakura Skin Perfector Makeup Refresher Mist

The bottle is so beautiful! 

I always have a few face mists in my arsenal. But, since last season, I've gone a little crazy procuring them.

When Shu Uemura released the Skin Perfector Makeup Refresher Mist, in what I thought was the limited edition Sakura scent (but, it's still available in the states and Japan), I didn't hesitate to hit the submit order button.

I have two Sakura backups. So, I had a box to post the ingredients. 

Available in Sakura, Yuzu, Japanese Cypress, and Iris, each of the scents are inspired by Japan's four seasons. The Sakura has a pleasurable floral scent that's invigorating to the senses.

The spray mechanism disperses the fine, velvety mist with a "fan-like" evenness.

The Skin Perfector can be used to prep the skin before makeup, as a setting spray in the final step of your beauty regime, or to refresh and rehydrate your complexion and makeup (without disrupting it) throughout the day.

I love the way the Sakura Skin Perfector Makeup Refresher Mist feels and smells. I'm already on my second bottle. Infused with deep sea water and essential oils, the Bi-phase formulation comforts, soothes, revitalizes, and infuses moisture back into my skin during these sweltering Summer days and nights. For extra comfort, I like to keep my facial mists in the fridge (the freezer if I'll be out and about).

Shu Uemura's Skin Perfector Makeup Refresher Mist contains 50 ml/1.6 FL.OZ. and retails for 2,700 yen.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Brush Yourself Off...Wet Brush-Pro Epic Professional Quick Dry Brush

I'm probably the last one to this party regarding this find, but I discovered the Wet Brush-Pro Epic Professional Quick Dry Brush during my last visit to my hairdresser; she used it to comb through my wet hair.

Part of the Epic Line (an acronym for the line's key attributes: Elite. Professional. Inspired. Creative), is meant to innovative in, both, appearance and performance.

Remarkably light-weight (yet, very sturdy), the brush's rubberized finish enhances the comfortability of the handle's grip. No tired wrists or strained thumbs here!

With bristles that can withstand heat up to 450°F, the Quick Dry Brush is primarily meant for blow outs. However, I use it to detangle my wet hair. The long, thin, firm, yet flexible IntelliFlex bristles detangles my hair in a single, effortless stroke. I'm not exaggerating; not a single tug, pull, rip or tear. In the past, I would lose several hairs when I'd brush my wet hair. But, with the Quick Dry Brush, the maximum hairs I found on the brush have been two. Being that hair is more susceptible to breakage when wet, that's a major plus.

By creating a more direct passage of hot air to your hair, the wide horizontal vent design is suppose to speed up drying time up to 30%. I think this would work best for straight haired ladies, whose hair doesn't require much pull. But, maybe one day I'll put this claim to the test.

I really love the curved shape of the brush, and how it hugs my cranium. The bristles feel great on my scalp, as if I'm getting a mini message.

My hair is thick and plentiful. I dye, and heat style it A LOT, and I'm always looking for tools and products to keep my hair in primo condition. The Wet Brush-Pro Epic Professional Quick Dry is the best brush I've found to use on wet hair. I sound like an infomercial, but I think this brush is made by unicorns; it's that magical.

I like the brush so much, not only did I buy a backup (purchased both times via Rakuten for 1,890 yen), I got another one to include in my annual August giveaway.

If you use this brush, I'd like to know what you think of it. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Have You Ever Smelled The Rain? Clean Reserve Rain Eau de Parfum

Last Summer, instead of giving in to my wants and buying the Clean Reserve fragrance in Rain, I was good, and finished off another perfume bottle.

Now, my perfume collection is down to my Spring scent (Floris London Cherry Blossom Eau De Parfum), my Winter scent (Dior Addict Eau de Parfum), and my newly/finally procured Clean Reserve Rain for this Summer; thus, leaving an empty slot for Fall

The wood-patterned white sleeve, and the contrast of the deep teal and gray lettering, is a cute touch and compliments the bottle nicely.

Although fairly large, the crisp white box is minimalistic and, pardon the pun, clean.

I love the simplistically casual, yet sophisticated, look of the thick, weighty glass bottle and its smoothed out edges, the wooden cap, the quality and feel of the paper label, the font, and its coloring.

Reserve Blend Rain's Top Notes: Bergamot and cucumber, Middle Note: White Flowers, Dry Notes: Patchouli and Vetiver.

I pickup on all the scent profiles. However, I was surprised to learn Patchouli was one of the dry notes because I don't smell it at all (thankfully).

Rain is such a fitting name for this wonderful fragrance. It is a luscious blend of floral, citrus (the bergamot and cucumber), rain, green, and musk that's a clean, fresh scent with a masculine twist; hence, making it suitable for both, men and women.

On my skin, Clean Reserve Rain Eau De Parfum lasts the entire day until the late hours of the evening. I've been wearing Rain for less than two weeks, and a day hasn't gone by where I wasn't complimented on how good I smell.

Clean Reserve Rain Eau De Parfum retails for 14,580 yen (3.4 fl. oz./ 100ml).

What fragrance are you using this Summer? 

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Peach Of A Shower Gel...Bath & Body Works' Peach Bellini

Last month was filled with several impromptu visits from friends; hence, the abysmal number of posts.

Anyway, June's Shower Gel was Bath & Body Works', Peach Bellini.

Peach Bellini's key notes are: Juicy Peach, White Apricot, Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Mango, and Sparkling Prosecco.

As I'm not a fan of peach scented or flavored things (I find them to have an off-putting artificial fragrance or taste), I've never had any interested to try anything from that range. Yet, surprisingly, I liked the shower gel. Oddly, I noticed more of a tangerine-grapefruit aroma, with a faint scent of peach.

Bath & Body Works' Peach Bellini Shower Gel is a great citrus-y fragrance that I find perfect for the transition from Spring to Summer.

In writing this post, I remembered a youtube video rant my sister sent me years ago about BBW's Peach Bellini's Candle. We've all either worked with, or had a retail experience with, someone like the "manager Jen."
Or like the lunatic customer 😈

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