Naturaglace is a 100% nautral, high-end Japanese beauty brand that offers a modest array of UV Care, Base and Point Makeup products.

Smitten with the quality of the paper stock and the watercolor floral prints, I was equally impressed that they color coordinated, both, the exterior and interior packaging, as well as the product to match one another; it's those small nuance that I love so much. 

I always forget the compact doesn't have a mirror (a minor annoyance when trying to touch-up).

From left to right: Sunshine Orange EX01, Bloom Pink EX02.

The two limited edition 2017 Summer Cream Lip & Cheek, in Sunshine Orange EX01 and Bloom Pink EX02 are my second purchases from the brand; the first (way before starting the blog) being one of their Honey Rouge lip glosses.

From left to right: Sunshine Orange EX01, Bloom Pink EX02.

Sunshine Orange EX01: a yellow-based, muted, brownish-orange.

Bloom Pink EX02: a muted, deep English rose-pink.

Bloom Pink EX02 looks fine on my lips, but definitely not Sunshine Orange EX01. On the lips, Sunshine Orange had this milkiness to it, and it definitely didn't work for me. Ergo, I'll most likely be using both colors exclusively on the cheeks.

With great pigmented on both, lips and cheeks, the product has a creamy petroleum jelly texture that is free from feeling greasy or tacky. The Cream Lip & Cheek has a lot of slip, making it easy to blend to your desired opacity. Application with a flat foundation brush, or any synthetic brush, was not ideal. I preferred using my fingers, or a sponge, in a bouncing motion on the apples of the cheeks. The finished result is a pretty flush, with a skin-like sheen. As for the wear time, the product needs to be retouched every three hours. I'm curious to see if it will wear longer in the colder seasons.

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