Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Feel This Buring Flame... Estee Lauder Heat Wave Illuminating Powder Gelee

Believing I owned Estee Lauder's Heat Wave Illuminating Powder Gelee, I ignored it's relaunch early this year. Yet, as I was searching for it, I realized, "Whaaaat?! Nope, it's not here. I don't own it." Heat Wave was sold out in Tokyo, but, thankfully, still available in the states. Now my Estee Lauder Gelees are complete.

The compact's retroesque design is made of a lightweight plastic, with a sturdy magnetic closer.

With all these overseas packages, statistically speaking, I guess I was due for a causality. There's a fissure on the top half of the product going from one end to the other.  

I was grateful that the gold glitter in the ridges of the vector sun-ray pattern was an overspray. The highlighter is shimmery enough that I don't need glitter thrown into the mix.

Heat Wave is a warm, yellow-gold with a shimmery, metallic sheen. Strikingly pigmented, a fan brush can be used to soften the intensity or you can go full on visible, via Google satellite, with a damped brush. Finely milled, and buttery smooth, the highlighter blended well, and is void of emphasizing or creating any unsightly texture to the skin.

The Illuminating Powder Gelee can also be worn on the decolletage, shoulders, knees and toes (okay...maybe not the last two). Heat Wave gave me about six hours of wear, but on hotter day less than two hours.

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