It's been a while since I bought something from Bath & Body Works, and boy have things changed. What happened to all the scents? some of the product packaging has been revamped, along with some exorbitant pricing.

Anyway, I was in the search for something more pumpkin-y, and knew I'd find it at Bath & Body Works.

First up: the White Pumpkin Peppercorn Hand Soap with Pumpkin Butter. The first thing to catch my eye was the packaging of the bottle; an image of the white pumpkins, contrasted with the shade of orange pumpkin. Also, I was intrigued by the fragrance description.

BBW's describes the scent of the White Pumpkin Peppercorn as an Autumn blend of creamy coconut, vanilla bean & white peppercorn; I agree. The hand soap is a nice blend of sweet and spicy, but I would also add pumpkin spice to the fragrance notes. A fitting aroma for Autumn, White Pumpkin Peppercorn lingers for a substantial amount of time.

The formula is thick and creamy, with a rich lather that doesn't dry out my hands, and leaves them feeling soft.

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