First, I want to address the disorderly sequence of the product photos in this post. I purchased Celvoke's Dignified Lips in 01 Red, 03 Beige, and 04 Pink Brown when the brand launched last March. Originally, I passed on the 02 Pink (weary it would be an unattractive powdery-pink), but my OCD kept whispering in my ear; thus, causing me to give in and get it a month later.

The Dignified Lips come in the same semi-translucence, frosted black plastic casing as Comfy Brush.

01 Red, 03 Beige, 04 Pink Brown.

02 Pink.
From left to right: 01 Red, 02 Pink, 0 Beige, 04 Pink Brown.

01 Red: a blue-based, cherry red.

02 Pink: a warm, yellow-based, medium pink.

03 Beige: a warm, brownish-yellow base, peachy-beige.

04 Pink Brown: a deep, rosy-brown.

The Dignified Lips are creamy, and offer full color payoff, with a semi-lustrous finish. The formula glides on smoothly and evenly. These lipsticks feel very comfortable and hydrating. If left untouched, the Dignified Lips wear for an average of 6-7 hours. Otherwise, with eating and/or drinking, 3-4 hours.

I really like these lipsticks, and each of the shades have steadily been working their way into a permanent spot within my makeup bag. Also, via a newsletter from, the brand will be launching 12 new colors on 11/1.

 The Dignified Lips contain less than 10g of product and retails for 3,456 yen. 


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    1. Hi Amalia! How have you been? Although the shades are not original, but pretty none the less. Glad to have them in my collection.

  2. That pink brown shade is perfect! Just what I've been drawn to lately. Thank you for the perfect swatches (as always)

    xx Laura / Laurantaina Beauty Blog

  3. This is also a very good post which I really enjoyed reading. It is not everyday that I have the possibility to see something like this.