With the exception of one shade, I couldn't get into Celvoke's Sureness (interesting name choice, to say the least) Eyeliner Pencils.

The sleek, dual-sided packaging looks, and feels, very nice.

I appreciate the brand including a spongy smudger on one end. However, the sponge material is really rough and scratchy. Additionally, not only for sanitation purposes, but for the longevity of the product, I don't understand why the product side doesn't have a cap.

From left to right: 01 Brown, 02 Red Brown, 03 Apricot.

01 Brown: a warm, bronzed brown.

02 Red Brown: a warm, browned-brick red.

03 Apricot: a golden-apricot.

I wish I could say that my only issue with the Sureness Eyeliner Pencils was with their packaging, but no. First, the pigmentation; 02 Red Brown has good pigmentation, 01 Brown is okay, and 03 Apricot requires several swipes to get decent color payoff (which was painful on the waterline).

My major gripe is with the formula. With all the oil and wax ingredients, you would think these pencils would be creamy and glide on the waterline, upper and lower lash line with the greatest of ease. Yet, wherever I used them, they felt harsh and tugged on the skin, making the Sureness Eyeliner Pencils a struggle and painful to use.

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