Thursday, December 7, 2017

I Swam Among The Northern Lights...O.P.I Aurora Berry-alis Infinite Shine 2 Gel-Laquer

I love nail polish; I consider it the finishing touch to my makeup looks. I used to follow nail polish collection releases religiously, then I fell off the lacquer wagon. But, I've gotten back on, and in a serious way.

I fell for all the promotional images of O.P.I's Iceland Collection. I love how blue and brown centric it is/was, along with the other splashes of colored lacquers. I got 11 of the 12 shades; I wasn't drawn to I'll Have a the shade Gin & Tectonic, especially for Fall/Winter.

I liked how the silver cap and lettering on the bottle of the Infinite Shine packaging contrasted with all the Iceland shades (mainly the blues and browns). I chose to expanded my extremely limited selection of Infinite shines, and got the entire collection in this formulation. I instantly regretted this choice the moment I started taking pictures (as reflecting surfaces as a pain to photograph).

Aurora Berry-alis is a muted, medium raspberry-pink, with a lovely, glossy creme finish. The formula is amazing! The application was flawlessly smooth, and depending on how much polish you load on the brush and your application, Aurora Berry-alis can be a one coater. However, I prefer the deeper coloring a second coat gives the lacquer.

Not to be out done by the formula, I was also impressed with the wear time. Aurora Berry-alis started showing tip wear on the sixth day. 


  1. So gorgeous! Can I hire you to do my nails? They usually look as if I let a five year old do them...

    1. Five polishes into the Iceland Collection, and I'm in love with every single one <3 I'm be happy to do your nails my dear. Are you in Tokyo? Before making the move, I wasn't great at doing my own nails. Always got them done at the salon. Had to learn out of necessity, since I wasn't pleased with the quality and price on manicures over here.


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