I would have to say, my favorite pieces from Lancome's French Temptation Collection are the blushers, of course.

I got both of the Le Teint Blush & Blender Duos, and one of the two Light Cream Duo Cushions. The other duo cushion, 02 Refreshing Pistachio & Pinky Peach are meant to be used as a primer to correct redness, and brighten dull skin. Not a fan of the cushion formula, it was an easy pass for me.

I had my first "blonde" moment, as it took me a good minute to realized that these macaron-shaped thingies were sponge blenders.

The macaron shaped packaging of the Le Teint Blush & Blender Duos in 01 Rose Whipped Cream Blush & Pistachio Blender, and 02 Coral Whipped Cream Blush & Raspberry Blender are cute, but confusing. For example, the rose blush is in the coral-colored macaron, and the coral shade is in the pink one.

The blushes have a firm, creamy, mousse-like consistency; they are not sticky nor wet. Instead, they have a pleasant, soft powdery-velvet texture. I was highly impressed with how intensely pigmented these blushes are. Sometimes cream blusher can disappear when blending them out, but not these Macaroons! They are very easy to apply, blend out, and achieve the desired flush effect. I've used my fingers, the macaroon blenders, beauty blenders, and brushes, and the end result was always lovely. Apart from using them on the cheeks, I've tried both shades on the lids, and lips. I found them too drying for the lips, but gorgeous on the lids, especially 02 coral.

The Light Cream Duo Cushion compact is fairly large; it practically covers the palm of my hand.

I love how the collection's graphic print was extended to the cushion puff; thus, giving it a wardrobe change for Spring.

I solely purchased the 01 Juicy Berry & Luminous Peach Light Cream Duo Cushion for the blush side. The highlighter side does give a subtle dewy sheen, but it contains silver micro shimmer that migrates all over the face once the product dries down. I'm not keen on the micro shimmer,  at all! At the counter, I fell for the shade of the blush half of this duo. The blush has the same consistency, and finish, as the other Lancome cushion blushes; hence, giving the complexion a dewy, wash of color.

From left to right: 01 Rose Whipped Cream Blush, 02 Coral Whipped Cream Blush, 01 Juicy Berry & Luminous Peach Light Cream Duo Cushion.

01 Rose Whipped Cream Blush: a warm, yellow-toned, medium pink.

02 Coral Whipped Cream Blush: a vibrant, reddish-coral.

01 Juicy Berry & Luminous Peach Light Cream Duo Cushion: a watermelon pink and a peachy beige with silver micro-glitter.

Between the Le Teint Blush & Blender Duos and the two Light Cream Duo Cushion, the Le Teint Blush & Blender Duos are my favorite. They perform beautifully, look stunning, and wear for over 8+ hours. I keep trying to give these cushion blushes a chance, but I don't think they are for me.

Have you tried any of the blushes from the French Temptation Collection?


  1. Goodness! These are so cute!!!

    1. Sissy, not only are these blushes cute, but they perform! If you love blush, you'll love them. If you don't like cream blushers, you'll love them!