Hey all! How's your week going? Golden Week is underway over here, and I'm doing exactly what I want to do, which is nothing. I didn't want to have any commitments, and whatever it is I'm going to do, I want to play it by ear.

Anyway, the last four day's I've been wearing Ducato's N 83 Berry, Berry Smoothie; a dusty, mauve-lilac, loaded with microscopic silver, violet, baby blue and copper glitter. The glitters are so tiny, you can only see them from up-close or in certain angles.

Where's the glitter? I couldn't capture the glitters (they are microscopic, you know), but they're in there! 

On the first coat, the formula goes on sheer, but evenly. Depending on application, the whites of the nail line and preference, you are able to get full color on the second coat. However, I do prefer the look of Berry, Berry Smoothie when it's layered a third time. Btw, the finish is rather dull; therefore, a top coat is required.

I've worn Berry, Berry Smoothie three times, and I usually get tip wear on the third or fourth day.

Even though the glitters are teeny tiny, their coloring gives Berry Berry Smoothie's dusty shade a pretty nuance.

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