Lancome included five limited edition lipstick products in their French Temptation Collection (four L'Absolu Rouge Matte lipsticks and a Jelly Flower Lip Tint).

The four French Temptation L'Absolu Rouge shades are: 400 Framboise Pulse, 401 Crunchy Myrtille, 402 Rose Acidule, and 403 Zeste Mandarine. Albeit the formulas and finishes are different, I passed on 402 Rose Acidule because the shade was in the same family range as the Jelly Flower Lip Tint.

Although these L'Absolu Rouge lipsticks are suppose to be matte, their finish is more of a creamy, semi-matte. All three lipsticks are highly pigmented, comfortable on the lips, and wear exceptionally well without any dryness, uneven fading, feathering, or peeling.

How gorgeous is the transparent tube packaging and the bright, deep pink with suspended petals of the Jelly Flower Lip Tint in 01 Rose Jelly Cake?! Based on appearance alone, this Flower Lip Tint was coming home with me.

Encapsulated with real rose petals, Rose Jelly Cake has a light, non-sticky, gel-like consistency. From the tube, the gloss has a subtle pink coloring. However, it seems as if  the product reacts to the warmth of the lips because the color intensifies the longer it's worn; thus, leaving a lovely deep, pink stain.

From left to right: 01 Rose Jelly Cake Jelly Flower Lip Tint, L'Absolu Rouge 400 Framboise Pulse, 401 Crunchy Myrtille, 403 Zeste Mandarine.

400 Framboise Pulse: a medium, reddened raspberry.

401 Crunchy Myrtille: a vibrant, deep, violet-purple.

403 Zeste Mandarine: a bright (almost neon), milky-orange.

01 Rose Jelly Cake: a vibrant, magenta-pink. 

I really like all of the lip products from the French Temptation Collection. But, I must say, my favorite is L'Absolu Rouge 401 Crunchy Myrtille.


  1. I just adore looking at your perfectly aligned, perfectly applied swatches. Gorgeous.

    1. Hi Eleedee. Sorry for the late response. for some reason, I stopped getting comment notification. I'm glad you enjoy the swatches :D