These attractive, jewel-toned color mascaras were the second release under Addiction's Summer 2018 Jewel Colors Collection.

Not being one to resist a colored mascara (let alone these richly colored beauties), I had to get them all, including backups.

 Special plum-colored box for the release. 

Isn't this cute?! The plum-colored boxes match the two-toned, jewel-toned mascara tube. The top half is black, and the lower half in a blackened, plum-purple with violet and maroon shimmer throughout.

For those who would like to know if the Jewel Color Mascara's are waterproof, they're not. However,  I've worn all six mascaras on my upper, and lower lashes; thus far, no smudging or flakes.

The mascara washed off easily with my oil cleanser. I would never use a "regular" facial cleanser to remove my makeup. However, for the sake of testing purposes, used my foaming cleanser, and saw no traces of any residue. One thing I didn't count on on the day I swatched these mascaras, was how badly they would stain my can see proof of this on my instagram.

From left to right: Gipsy Girl, Green Necklace, The Blue City, Indian Summer, Lady of the Lake, Candy Darling.

01 Gipsy (not a typo) Girl: a metallic, berry-wine.

02 Green Necklace (what a name?! It invokes the image of cheap jewelry turning one's neck green): a metallic, pine green.

03 The Blue City: a dark admiral blue.

04 Indian Summer: a yellow-based, safety-cone orange.

05 Lady of the Lake: a metallic, burnt red.

06 Candy Darling: a deep, violet-based, Joker purple.

It's impossible for me to choose a favorite because all six shades are simply beautiful. They give an eye-catching, finishing touch to whatever look you pair them with.

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  1. Thank you for the info and swatches! I'd love to grab at least one, but I'm always dubious if colored mascara will look visible on my lashes.. At least burgundy tends to be very subtle on me.

    Laura / Laura Loukola Art & Beauty Blog