In my opinion, as a Summer release, the Jewel Colors Nail Polish Collection felt out of place for the season. With the exception of 053SS Serene Sky, the color story of the other nine polishes seemed more appropriate for the Fall.

056S Indian Summer is one of four nail polishes I procured from the collection...can you guess the other three?

The composition of the black and white promo image, and that gorgeous orange vertical stripe along the model's face, just lures me in. Every. Single. Time. Kind of reminds me of war paint, in the chicest sense. Wouldn't it be funny if I painted my face a la braveheart, and wore it to every counter's collection release? ...The Art of War, makeup addition.

Indian Summer is a vivid, safety-cone orange jelly. ADDICTION delivers another fantastic formula, with an amazing "glass-like" shine. I understand the finish is meant to be semi-translucent, but I like to apply three coats to mute out my nail line as much as possible.

I wasn't going to get Indian Summer; it looked very similar to another ADDICTION polish I have, Girl on Fire (loved that collection). And, you know what? They are. Both have the same formula, and finish, except Girl on Fire is a yellow-based orange. A normal person wouldn't be able to make the distinction among the two, but my hype O.C.D super power notices even the most minute little ceramic penguin in the study always faces due south. 


  1. This orange is the new black