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Described as an "Airy, fluffy and fruity with traditional notes of Vanilla and a rich swirl of hazenut, this is the perfect mood booster!" Village Candle's Lemon Pound Cake is more of a mood buster!

The label's mouthwatering image of Lemon Bars totally bamboozled me.

Pretty, bright yellow wax.

I mean, who doesn't like lemon bars or a lemon pound cake with icing?! Satan, that's who!...again, the diet. With notes of vanilla cupcake, lemon and hazelnut, I expected a lemony, sweet bakery fragrance. Instead, both the vanilla and lemon notes were weak and artificial, with an overpowering, equally artificial pungent hazelnut.

I finished Lemon Pound Cake at the end of July, and this Village Candle is one that I won't be repurchasing! 

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