Although it's been a while since I've used a Smashbox mascara, I do remember liking them. Sadly, this wasn't the case with Super Fan.

Smashbox describes Super Fan as a "lengthening mascara that gives you modern (whatever that means) fanned-out volume, 12-hours of length, lift, and volume without any heaviness or clumping.

Of all the claims, the only thing Super Fan did for my lashes was give them a nice splayed-out effect. In exploiting the product's only benefit, I layered it over other mascaras (it worked really well with one mascara in particular...that review is coming soon) to enhance definition.

Super Fan's formula is on the wet side; not an issue for me, but it may be for some. However, another disappointment with the mascara was how inconsistent it wore. Some days it would look great, but on others (more former than latter), it would be a flaky, smudged mess. Even with all the industry tips and tricks, I couldn't keep the mascara from flaking and transferring to my under eye.

I wouldn't recommend this mascara, and the only time I consider repurchasing Super Fan, is if Smashbox came out with a waterproof version...and this solely for comparison purposes.


  1. I want a post about your favorite mascaras :D xxx

    1. Mission Accepted, Mia. You're going to have to give me some time for that one. But, don't worry, I won't take too long. I Just need to thoroughly think about and round up my favorites.

  2. I find it odd that I never tried anything from Smashbox after countless trips to SEPHORA! I've heard their face primer is great - have you tried it though?

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