Saturday, November 30, 2019

Up in the Galaxy...Cadillacquer Galaxies Nail Polish

These past two weeks have been nothing but rain. So, as I little pick me up, today's manicure is Cadillacquer's Galaxies.

Galaxies is a blackened-teal with green, pink and red iridescent chameleon flakies, aquamarine matte hexagon glitter, and a gleaming redden-orange shimmer.

In the photo above, I applied three coats. Each layer went on without a hitch. The pigmentation of the base was even, with great distribution of the flakies and glitter.

Monday, November 18, 2019

For you, Straw Man, Will do...Village Candle Pumpkin Scarecrow

Look at this spooky label. The dark, ominus cloudy sky, the crow perched of the scarecrow's arm, and the menacing, illuminated grin on his face. It seems as if he's about to climb off his pole, and chase someone through the corn field. I wish there were more creepy scarecrow themed wares (and horror films) for Halloween/fall; they're eerie, sinister, perfect for the season, and I love them!

Pumpkin Scarecrow's notes are: Spiced Pumpkin, Amber and Worn Wool.

Village Candle describes the scent as, "An aged scarecrow stands overlooking his field of pumpkins with glowing jack-o-lantern eyes. The rolling hills of amber and smoky woods haunt the foggy evening. A ragged wool shirt hangs from his shoulders while crows touch down for a brief visit. A classic pumpkin fragrance with a ghostly touch creates the perfect hallowed night." 

I had a case of deja vu when I smelled the candle, and looked up Pumpkin Scarecrow's notes. They're exactly the same as another Village Candle, Pumpkin Tweed. I confirmed this when I called customer service, and spoke to Dotti. Btw, she is amazing!

Want I get from the fragrance is a smooth, pureed pumpkin, mild spice, a warm, buttery sweetness, a hint of amber, all rolled into cashmere wool.

I'm not bothered that Pumpkin Scarecrow is a re-release of  Pumpkin Tweed because it's one of my favorite pumpkin fragrances from the brand; if not my favorite.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

They See Your Every Move...China Glaze Private Side-Eye

Private Side-Eye; love the shade, but not the name. My eyes rolls every time I have to read, write, or say the name of this polish.

Private Side-Eye is a dark plum jelly base, with holographic glitters, and an iridescent bluish-teal shimmer.  In three coats, the polish looks black. I prefer the squishy, semi-translucent plummy color achieved in two. Private Side-Eye's formula is a little problematic; it's thin, and if your application is not on it's "A game," it will go on uneven and patchy. With that said, I can forgive the bumpy start because the end result is very pretty.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Tripping Over Tombstones...Village Candle Ghost Cemetery

I know Halloween is over. But, I was sick that week, and didn't have a chance to publish all my spooky posts before leaving for Nagoya on the 2nd (photos and videos of the trip are on Instagram). I just got back, and I really don't want to scrap these posts.  So, I asks for your patience during the next few installments. Anyway, if you're like me, Halloween is 365 days a year. so, I hope you enjoy:)

The first candle I'm going to review from the Village Candles' Halloween Collection is Ghost Cemetery.

What a phantasmagorical label and name for a halloween candle. As someone who used to lurk around cemeteries in her high school days, I was curious to explore Village Candle's interpretation of a grave site. Grievously, they missed the mark with this one.

Ghost Cemetery's notes are: Frankincense, Clove, Sandalwood, Forest Green.

The scent is described as, "Spend a chilly and haunting evening in the midst of a foggy grey cemetery where ghouls, ghosts and spirits of the night linger and watch from above. This mysterious scent both frightens and brings comfort to the air." 

On cold sniff, and burn, one positive note I got was a hint of a menthol coolness. However, this is detracted by a smokey, bakery vanilla sweetness. The oddest note to come to the foreground is maple. I've not sure if my sense of smell is broken, but the main scent I got was maple. 

I like the scent, but it should've been called something else...maybe Trick-or-Treat, but definitely not Ghost Cemetery. I wanted the candle to smell of freshly dug earth, mossy greenery, decomposing flowers, damp stone, with an otherworldly cold.

Use Me For Emotional Blackmail...China Glaze You've Got Blackmail

Next up in the To Catch a Colour Collection is: You've Got Blackmail.

You've Got Blackmail is a lavender-tinged charcoal gray, loaded with silver shimmer, and a textured finish. The formula is very good, and it applied with ease; practically opaque in one coat, but perfect in two.

An unexpected surprise was how much I liked the textured finish of You've Got Blackmail; it's one of my favorites in the collection.

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