Private Side-Eye; love the shade, but not the name. My eyes rolls every time I have to read, write, or say the name of this polish.

Private Side-Eye is a dark plum jelly base, with holographic glitters, and an iridescent bluish-teal shimmer.  In three coats, the polish looks black. I prefer the squishy, semi-translucent plummy color achieved in two. Private Side-Eye's formula is a little problematic; it's thin, and if your application is not on it's "A game," it will go on uneven and patchy. With that said, I can forgive the bumpy start because the end result is very pretty.


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    1. Amalia, this was a tough polish to photograph. The picture doesn't do justice to the gorgeous bluish-teal shimmer.

    2. I saw your reply by luck, I don't have notifications for your replies... what can we do about this? I have activated the notifications.

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