Look at this spooky label. The dark, ominus cloudy sky, the crow perched of the scarecrow's arm, and the menacing, illuminated grin on his face. It seems as if he's about to climb off his pole, and chase someone through the corn field. I wish there were more creepy scarecrow themed wares (and horror films) for Halloween/fall; they're eerie, sinister, perfect for the season, and I love them!

Pumpkin Scarecrow's notes are: Spiced Pumpkin, Amber and Worn Wool.

Village Candle describes the scent as, "An aged scarecrow stands overlooking his field of pumpkins with glowing jack-o-lantern eyes. The rolling hills of amber and smoky woods haunt the foggy evening. A ragged wool shirt hangs from his shoulders while crows touch down for a brief visit. A classic pumpkin fragrance with a ghostly touch creates the perfect hallowed night." 

I had a case of deja vu when I smelled the candle, and looked up Pumpkin Scarecrow's notes. They're exactly the same as another Village Candle, Pumpkin Tweed. I confirmed this when I called customer service, and spoke to Dotti. Btw, she is amazing!

Want I get from the fragrance is a smooth, pureed pumpkin, mild spice, a warm, buttery sweetness, a hint of amber, all rolled into cashmere wool.

I'm not bothered that Pumpkin Scarecrow is a re-release of  Pumpkin Tweed because it's one of my favorite pumpkin fragrances from the brand; if not my favorite.