Saturday, December 21, 2019

Eat The Rude...Cadillacquer Stagman

Part of  Polish Pickup's October Urban Legends themed release, Cadillacquer's Stagman was inspired by the Stag Man (a.k.a the Wendigo), an imaginary manifestation of Will Graham from the Hannibal tv series. I'm not quite sure, but how an urban legend created specifically by T.V. show writes, and only relevant to said show, constitutes as an authentic urban legend? Unless you watch that series, no one will get the reference...but, I digress.

In my opinion, there were several creators who missed the mark on the whole "urban legends" theme that month, given their polishes had no real connection to any widely known myths, tales, or folklore. With that said, I love Cadillacquer, and the polish. I'm just not sure what is has to do with urban legends.

Stagman is a black crelly, with various sizes of red and white hex-shaped glitter. The application is somewhat even, with a good amount of glitter throughout the nails. While fully opaque in three thin coats, I preferred the scattering of glitter achieved after a fourth coat.

The union between the black base and the different glitter shapes and color combinations is beautiful; it provides the polish a holiday/winter season feel, but with a darker, edgier twist.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Space Age Love Song...Kaleidos Space Age Highlighters

I'm going to preface this post by letting you know that the Space Age Highlighters were sent to me by the brand. This is the first PR I've accepted, and featured on the blog.

I've been a customer/fan of Kaleidos since the brand's launch. I own, and love all five of their Futurism Palettes, and the Deepsea Luster Palette. So, when the brand told me they would be sending me the highlighters, I was "to infinity and beyond" happy to accept. Although these products were sent to me, my opinions will remain unbiased, and my own.

A sucker for detail, I appreciate the amount of attention to artistry Kaleidos puts into their products. The boxes share the same "space age" geometric designs of the exterior packaging, as well as color coordinating with the shade of each highlighter.

Housed in a soft-matte rubber-like coated tin, some may find the packaging bulky, and I agree. However, personally speaking, they made me feel nostalgic because they reminded me of the Sweet Secrets toys (yes, I'm aware I dated myself, and I don't care).

The highlighters have the same design embossed on them that's on the packaging box. Again, the brand's attention to detail wasn't lost on me. Also, I want to mention their names: Solar Sailor, Ray Rider, Sky Walker, Star Surfer, Comet Catcher, and Laser Glazer. And, how appropriate to go with the theme?

Included in the box were their new brushes. I used the H1 Precision Highlighter Brush in my application of the product.

From left to right: Solar Sailor, Ray Rider, Sky Walker, Star Surfer, Comet Catcher, Laser Glazer.

Solar Sailor: a iridescent grayish-ivory base with a yellow-gold duochrome.

Ray Rider: a peachy-base with a champagne sheen.

Sky Walker: an translucent icy white base with a vibrant, ultraviolet-blue duochrome shimmer.

Star Surfer: a pale, icy-baby pink base with a subtle pink sheen.

Comet Catcher: an iridescent icy white base with a peachy undertone and a vibrant fuschia-pink duochrome.

Laser Glazer: a translucent golden, reddened-ochre base with a vibrant greenish-chartreuse shimmer.

I wore the highlighters for five days each, and I found a variation in formula and texture, including a difference in their color-shift. I would pair the six highlighters into 3 groups: Ray Rider and Star Surfer have a creamy, smooth pigmented base with a subtle color-shift. Comet Catcher and Solar Sailor have an iridescent base, with an vivid duo-chrome. And finally, Sky Walker and Laser Glazer have a translucent base, with the same beaming duo-chrome as the previous two, except with shimmer.

I really like how all six shades perform as highlighters...yes, even Sky Walker and Laser Glazer (Laser Glazer looks exceptionally gorgeous layered over bronzer). In addition to being used on the cheekbones, inner corner of the eyes and brow bone, I've also liked using the highlighters as an eyeshadow or layered over other shadows to transform the shade and create a shifty, multidimensional hue.

I believe this collection offers various finishes, and shades that will cater to a wide range of makeup enthuthiast. The Space Age Highlighters retail for $14 each, or you can purchase the Complete Set for $76.

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