Part of  Polish Pickup's October Urban Legends themed release, Cadillacquer's Stagman was inspired by the Stag Man (a.k.a the Wendigo), an imaginary manifestation of Will Graham from the Hannibal tv series. I'm not quite sure, but how an urban legend created specifically by T.V. show writes, and only relevant to said show, constitutes as an authentic urban legend? Unless you watch that series, no one will get the reference...but, I digress.

In my opinion, there were several creators who missed the mark on the whole "urban legends" theme that month, given their polishes had no real connection to any widely known myths, tales, or folklore. With that said, I love Cadillacquer, and the polish. I'm just not sure what is has to do with urban legends.

Stagman is a black crelly, with various sizes of red and white hex-shaped glitter. The application is somewhat even, with a good amount of glitter throughout the nails. While fully opaque in three thin coats, I preferred the scattering of glitter achieved after a fourth coat.

The union between the black base and the different glitter shapes and color combinations is beautiful; it provides the polish a holiday/winter season feel, but with a darker, edgier twist.

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