I'm sorry I haven't blogged in over three months, but my laptop died...it literally broke in half. I ordered a new one from the states because I don't like the format of Japanese keywords. However, its arrival was delayed due to COVID-19. The laptop arrived on Thursday, and (in my best Colin Clive impersonation), "IT'S ALIVE!"

In celebration of the red, white, and blue this July 4th, my patriotic weekend mani was Zoya's, America.

America is a bold, bright, glossy, medium, retro-red creme, with a hint of orange-red warmth. In general, Zoya polishes have a great formula, and the application is hassle-free. If your nail line isn't as prominent as mine, you can get complete opacity with one coat. However, I needed two.

It's been a while since I've worn America, but I remember it having a substantial wear time.

America is a beautiful, classic red with a great formula that's a fun shade to wear this holiday weekend.

What did you wear on your nails this 4th of July? 

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