Back in 2019, during Polish Pickup's April Famous Works of Arts theme, I purchased. This is a polish I love to wear during the fall.

The polish is inspired by Salvador Dali's (one of my favorite artists) Metamorphosis of Narcissus, which happens to be one of my favorite Dali paintings. 

Narcissus Immortal is an orange blossom-honey jelly. The polish is loaded with various brown, orange, and caramel glitters, as well as a gorgeous contrasting green to aqua shimmer that runs throughout. Also, the polish glows in the dark. I don't really get the purpose of glow in the dark polishes. I mean, unless you're clubbing or are committed to carrying a portable black light with you, I don't understand the function. 

The formula is sheer, so the number of coats needed depends on how much of your nail line you want to peek through. After four layers, I was able to mask enough of my nail line as well as get my preferred amount of glitter and shimmer. As with most glitter-filled polishes, Narcissus Immortal had a great wear time, but was a force to be reckoned with during removal.

The influence of the surrealist painting is visible in the polish. However, I also get an image of honey dripping from a honeycomb, or the photograph by Simon Fraser, View of Honeycomb of the Honey Bee (seen in the photos above). Regardless, Chirality produced a work of art with Narcissus Immortal. 

What do you think of Narcissus Immortal?