Like bees to honey, the blush fiend in me was immediately attracted to Melt Cosmetics' Digital Dust Duo Blushers.

I LOVE the tan exterior packaging. Part of me likes that the shade is exclusive to these duos, giving them an air of uniqueness. However, the other half wishes Melt would revamp their packing and switch to the tan. 

Embossed with a comely pattern of a bee atop a honeycomb, the Digital Dust's come in three gorgeous duos: Buzz Kill, Raw Honey, and Queen Bee. 

From left to right: Buzz Kill, Raw Honey, Queen Bee. 

Buzz Kill: a medium, pinkish-coral nectar with a golden sheen/ a light, orange leaning peach champagne with silver sparkle. 

Raw Honey: a deep, bronzed rosy-mauve/ a medium, rose gold. 

Queen Bee: a medium, golden bronze/ medium, golden amber-honey. 

Of the three Digital Dusts, the shade Kill from the Buzz Kill duo has the most pronounced specs of sparkle. 

These blushers have a baked, gelee-like formula that is intensely pigmented, blends and buffs into the skin seamlessly, and imparts a beautiful luminous finish. Also, the Duos look as pretty on the lids as they do on the cheeks. 

Whether each shade is worn individually, layered over one another, or blended together, the Digital Dust Duo blushes are lovely. I wish Melt Cosmetics would expand on the shade range because I definitely want more. 

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