O.P.I and red nail polish are synonymous with one another. The brand has an extensive shade range within its catalog, and they are all beautiful! 

From the 2020 Shine Bright Collection, Red-y For The Holidays is a candied-cherry red creme with a glass-like shine. O.P.I has truly mastered their red creme formula, and this polish exemplifies it. I was able to get complete opacity in one coat, and solely did a second layer out of my sheer enjoyment of the application. I wore Red-y For The Holidays for four days before switching it out for my Christmas Eve Mani and it was just as flawless and lovely as the first day. 

Red-y For The Holidays is a classic Christmas red that truly does live up to its name, and it instantly gets me in the holiday spirit. Yes, it may not be the newest, most unique shade, but one can never have too many red polishes, cosmetics, or shoes.

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