O.P.I 's Let's Take an Elfie allows me to live out my Sugar Plum Fairy fantasy in nail polish form. I took over 1,200 photos, and couldn't come close to capturing the magnificence of this polish.

Let's Take an Elfie is a rich, red wine-based, deep jewel-tone violet plum with radiant blue, magenta, and violet shimmer. I almost want to call this a duochrome because of the dueling shifts of color I see on my nails in different lights and angles. The formula was fantastic, went on with ease, and was absolute perfection in two coats.

Now, I'm not one to tell you how to spend your money, but if you love purple polishes, you need Let's Take an Elfie in your life. And, for those who don't like purple polishes, you too need Let's Take an Elfiein your life because its beauty will definitely convert you. Trust me!

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